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High Tea @ MoRoCo Chocolat

High Tea @ MoRoCo Chocolat

There's nothing like high tea in Wonderland at MoRoCo to make you feel like the Princess of Genovia (pre-glamorous makeover, can someone call Paolo, Gretchen, and Helga?).

Pastries (photo courtesy of Susie Kim)

Allow us to take you on a tour:

  1. Walk in, take your seat, try not to let your jaw hit the floor as you take in the Alice and Wonderland-esque scenery.
  2. Have a slightly Haughty Waiter present you with a couple boxes of tea and sipping chocolate to choose from.
  3. Sniff each tea, take note of their nuances, attempt to pick a favourite.
  4. Remember none of the aforementioned nuances when Haughty Waiter returns to take your order.
  5. Resniff each tea, retake note of their nuances, try to actually commit this information to memory. 
  6. Panic when Haughty Waiter returns (at this point, y'all are bffs) and order the last tea you sniffed.
  7. Regret your choice as soon as HW walks away.
  8. Forget all about your dream tea as HW starts to fill the table with scones (and accompanying Devonshire cream, lemon curd, and seasonal preserves), finger sandwiches, and mini pastries. 
  9. Realize your chosen second-place-tea is delicious as well, attempt to put tea debacle behind you.
  10. Struggle to maintain composure in the presence of tiered trays of decadence.
  11. Wash, rinse, repeat step 10 ad infinitum.

(photo courtesy of Susie Kim)

Clearly a complex experience, High Tea ($60) at MoRoCo takes you on a sensory adventure throughout a scone-filled wonderland—an elevated Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory of sorts. It's really the luxurious, cozy atmosphere that disguises the fact that you're paying exorbitant amounts of money for unsatisfying amounts of tea and sandwiches, which is where their Truffle Mac & Cheese comes into play. Made with rich, creamy cheese, truffle oil, and a crispy breadcrumb coating, this is what fills your stomach and softens the cheque's blow.

And really, once you're paying $60 for tea and sandwiches (an extra $12 is required for champagne to numb the price), an 18.5% fixed gratuity shouldn't hurt but oh boy, it does. An expecially jaw dropping, eyes widening, wallet emptying experience, MoRoCo Chocolat is sure to kick your senses into overdrive.

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