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JOEY Eaton Centre

JOEY Eaton Centre

When we arrive at JOEY Eaton Centre one rainy night, the place is packed and there's a half-hour wait to get a table. Apologizing for the inconvenience, the hostesses offered us some complimentary wine and appetizers while we wait (we're still dreaming about those Japanese Gyozas) and by that point, we already had a feeling we'd like the place.

It's hard not to admire the decor of the place (especially when there's not much else to do while twiddling our thumbs waiting for a table), the restaurant is laden with big screen TVs, exposed brick walls, and some next-level lighting. The fusion makes it perfect for sport nights, casual meetings, or just an evening out with friends. There's a Gatsby-esque vibe in the air – everyone seems to be in a perpetual state of joie de vivre.

Once we finally acquire acquire a table, we already have our order rehearsed and prepared: Steak & Sushi ($24.50), Lobster Grilled Cheese ($16.50), Real Peach Bellini ($7), and the Molten Lava Chocolate Soufflé ($8) for dessert.

Steak & Sushi ($24.50)

The steak and sushi were both excellently made (although you're pretty much guaranteed happiness with that combo). We had our steak cooked medium rare and the sushi came as fresh rainbow rolls drizzled with spicy mayo and soy sauce.

Lobster Grilled Cheese ($16.50)

The lobster grilled cheese was a force to reckon: grilled to buttery perfection, oozing with brie and cheddar, and dipped in cocktail sauce. Each bite made would make you close your eyes in utter bliss. The serving size is perfect – any more and you'd be wheeled out in a gurney.

Real Peach Bellini ($7)

The bellini was quite good as well and served as a lovely refreshment in between all our dishes, plus we just really needed a drink after our brutal trek through the rain. Without being too sweet or strong, it hit the spot.

Molten Lava Chocolate Soufflé ($8)

The soufflé was the perfect way to end the night. As soon as we cut through it, dark chocolate lava spilled out of the cake like it was Mount Vesuvius. Pair that with raspberry coulis and vanilla bean ice cream and you've got one killer dessert.

JOEY Eaton Centre is a not-so-hidden gem right in the heart of Toronto and it's got everything going for them: food, decor, service, and location. There's no wonder people line up for tables and reserve days in advance, the experience is worth the hassle.

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