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cuiscenes turns 1

cuiscenes turns 1

Can you believe it's already been a year since we started (writing about) gorging ourselves all over the city? We figured what better way to celebrate than to look back on some of our better meals and pay homage to our favourite Torontonian restaurants? Well, so far at least.

Fahrenheit Coffee

Hands down our favourite coffee shop in the city, Fahrenheit's the place we keep finding ourselves coming back to despite the million other cafés in Toronto. It's the kind of place that only gets better with age as the baristas get to know your name (after little more than one visit) and exactly how you like your coffee. Their service is unparalleled and we've never seen it falter once, whether it's your first or 300th time in. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Fahrenheit served us our first cappuccino, but it's almost a curse since no other café has matched it since.

Fahrenheit is definitely one of the best places in Toronto to start your day with a quick coffee to go or to just sit down with a good book for a while. You'll be surprised how quickly the small coffee shop will start to feel like home.

Fahrenheit Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Momofuku Nikai

Nikai is like the little sister of the Momofuku clan not many people even realized existed – which is a crying shame, because this little sister is freaking cool. Momofuku's other restaurants (we don't even have to name them for you to know what we're talking about) suffer from being supremely over-hyped but Nikai is refreshingly unpretentious. The bar and lounge on the second floor of the Momofuku building dishes out great cocktails, great desserts (thanks to the Milk Bar across the room) and more than anything, is the definition of "chill".

With good drinks and good food, all you need is some good people for a guaranteed great evening.

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La Carnita

How we love La Carnita, let us count the ways. The supremely cool, dimly lit interior has welcomed us many a time over the past year, each time with open arms, boozy cocktails, and bushels of Mexican Street Corn – it’s a restaurant after our own heart. Nearly always packed to the brim, the buzzing (see again: their kickass drinks menu) atmosphere is home to twenty-somethings all stuck in a perpetual state of joie de vivre.

Effortlessly combining street art, a soundtrack simultaneously inspired by Spain and hip hop, killer cocktails, and great food, La Carnita’s perfected the recipe for a good time.

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Hapa Izakaya

Irasshaimase!” to Hapa Izakaya, an izakaya unlike the rest. If you’re sensing a theme here, we like our restaurants as cool as James Bond, and Hapa doesn’t disappoint. Elevating your classic izakaya experience, Hapa skyrockets off the scale to bring you innovative Japanese tapas that wouldn't be amiss on any food lover's table. With each dish sounding better than the last, there's been more than one occasion where we've had to restrain ourselves from ordering one (or two or three) of everything – no shame here

Hapa Izakaya just might be the coolest kid in its (izakaya) class, so cool in fact that you'll let it steal your lunch money any day of the year.

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