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cuiscenes does Montréal

cuiscenes does Montréal

Café Santropol

Café Santropol is on a league of its own, dining in their hippie-fantasy patio is like a dream – a dream with excellent food at that. The garden is absolutely breathtaking: greenery covered in lights, plastic lawn chairs and wooden benches scattered throughout the courtyard.

Pepper Island ($9.35)

During our visit, we ordered the Pepper Island ($9.35), a sandwich filled with pesto and cream cheese spread topped with jalapeno pepper jelly between their traditional Santropol bread. We've never tasted a more refreshing sandwich, nevermind calling a sandwich refreshing either. The bread was perfectly fluffy and we would've bought the jalapeno pepper jelly in bulk if we had the chance.

The atmosphere alone feels surreal and it made visiting the restaurant feel like a dream we didn't want to wake up from.

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The best ice cream in Montréal can supposedly be found at Ripples and while it was the only ice cream we tried while we were there, we could easily believe that claim.

Left to right: Chai Tea, Cardamom and Nut

Offering flavours such as ginger, hazelnut, cardamom and nut, pistachio, sesame, green tea, and chai tea. We chose to go with the Chai Tea and Cardamom and Nut ($2.92 each).

You can almost taste 17 years worth of experience making homemade ice cream in every lick and nothing feels more like summer (except maybe Summer's).

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A tasteful bistro and pub complete with exposed-brick walls and art hanging above its cozy booths, Nyks offers all the classics you could possibly crave, you can't look at their menu without finding at least 5 things you need to try.

Poutine with Duck Confit ($18)

That said, we couldn't say no to Poutine with Duck Confit ($18), a twist on the classic Canadian dish by topping it with perfectly crisp duck confit and smothered in foie gras sauce amongst a sea of cheese curds. While we can't always justify spending $18 on a dish whose name is a loose translation of "mess", we probably won't stop wanting to revisit in our lives.

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Qing Hua

Qing Hua is dumpling paradise. The menu is a comprehensive list of the delicacy in all its diversifying glory. With a choice between steamed and fried, we opted for all steamed to keep our guilt at bay.

Honestly, they all look the same from the outside

Between us, we ordered the Lamb and Leek ($12.99), Pork and Leek ($8.99), Pork and Seaweed ($8.99), Shrimps with Pork and Leek ($9.99), and Pork and Dill ($8.99). Our favourite was the Shrimps with Pork and Leek but every dumpling was as juicy and generously filled as the last – before we knew it, what looked like an overabundance of dumplings turned into a set of empty baskets.

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Cafe Myriade

Myriade is about as chill as cafés get. They take a laid-back approach to learning their art, not making a fuss when mistakes are made and constantly learning from everything they do. They claim to "make pretty good coffee and sometimes play really bad music but it's also usually pretty good" and they couldn't be truer to their word.

Left to right: Chocolate Hazelnut Rosette ($3.25), Cappuccino ($3.48)

During our visit, we ordered a Cappuccino ($3.48) and a Chocolate Hazelnut Rosette ($3.25) to munch on. The chocolate and nutty flavours of the pastry complimented the coffee quite well--not that it needed much complimenting, the cuppa could rival most of Toronto's top coffee shops.

The experience was everything it promised to be: pretty good.

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