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Chalau Dim Sum

Chalau Dim Sum

Re-opened at Yonge & College, Chalau Dim Sum breaks the mould of many a Chinese restaurant by surprisingly having decent service and tasteful decor. Loosely translated, "Chalau" means "friendly tea gathering," and the owners do their best to live up to that name with frequent quality checks throughout your meal.

Upon being seated, we were handed a dim sum order sheet, a full kettle of tea, a pencil and left to our own devices. Wanting to try a little bit of everything, we end up ordering: the Shanghai Pork Dumpling ($3.85), Pan Seared White Radish Cake ($3.95), Pastry with BBQ Duck and Chinese Pickle ($4), Deep Fried Stuffed Chicken Wings ($5.50), Young Chow Fried Rice ($8.50), and the Fried Almond Custard Buns ($3) for dessert.

Deep Fried Stuffed Chicken Wings ($5.50)

We won't talk your ear off trying to describe all the dishes we tried but our favourites are well worth mentioning. The Deep Fried Stuffed Chicken Wings won our heart: deboned, stuffed with sticky rice, and fried to perfection, this small indulgence is a must-try.

Pastry with BBQ Duck and Chinese Pickle ($4)

The pastry with BBQ duck and Chinese pickle was another one of our top picks, the combination of the sweet and salty within the flaky pastry was a new kind of delectable.

Left to right: Pan Seared White Radish Cake ($3.95), Young Chow Fried Rice ($8.50)

The Young Chow fried rice cooked with shrimp and BBQ pork served as the perfect accompaniment to our meal: it's what we blamed our food babies on as we walked out of the restaurant.

Shanghai Pork Dumpling ($3.85)

Fried Almond Custard Buns ($3)

Lastly, the fried almond custard buns were a lovely way to top off our meal. A warm, soft almond custard filled the small buns and finishing off our trip with that and one last cup of tea was the perfect way to clean our palate.

All the servings are pretty hefty and while it's not as cheap as most dim sum places, the difference in quality is evident – there's no feeling of sketchiness eating Chalau's food with an added benefit of a bill that doesn't hurt. Heavy on the stomach, light on the wallet, you'll leave Chalau Dim Sum feeling satisfied.

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