Le Petit Dejeuner

In a perfect world, breakfast wouldn't be confined to just breakfast. Fortunately, brunch is a thing, so we waltzed into Le Petit Dejeuner for Toronto's favourite meal. It's their breakfast they're well known for, a breakfast that attracts lines.

The Hungry Gal ($11)

After feeling a little ignored for a while, we ordered The Hungry Gal ($11), a plate topped with two eggs, toast, potato rosti, apple coleslaw, and our choice of bacon. Imagine your stereotypical breakfast and it's probably similar to what our plate looked and tasted like. One surprising twist was their bacon, which tasted as if it was seasoned with a handful rather than a pinch of salt, but overall the dish was unmemorable.

Toast Champignon ($13)

Next up was Toast Champignon ($13), a halved bagel with sautéed mushrooms, herbs, onions, and bacon, also served with their signature apple slaw and potato rosti. It seems that all of Le Petit's breakfasts all follow the same trend of overly salty bacon, under-seasoned potato rosti, and perfectly tart apple slaw.

Waffle Benny ($13)

Last was one of Le Petit's many variations on traditional Eggs Benny, the Waffle Benny ($13), a traditional Benny served with lemony hollandaise, potato rosti, apple slaw, their infamous waffles as opposed to an English muffin, and their peameal bacon which should also be served with hypernatremia medication. The Benny part wasn't anything to write home over but the waffle part was--perfectly crisp, sweet, and fluffy. These are the real deal.

Le Petit Dejeuner is aptly named as a direct translation of "the breakfast" since it's as much of a description as any that we could give. It was breakfast, no adjectives needed.

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