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Stepping into Delica Kitchen feels like you've been transported to London or Paris, fulfilling owner Devin Connell's goal of inspiring that chic European feel, "even if it's just for 15 minutes." In fact, if anything is amiss in the vision it's the stark Bodoni type on the walls with phrases like "when eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree", "get to know your food", and the classic "as for butter versus margarine, trust cows more than chemists".

Devin has not only perfected the ethics of your lunch, but the deliciousness of your lunch as well, transforming previously boring sandwiches and salads into elegant works of art. And Delica takes their sandwiches seriously, with three types of pre-made sandwiches to suit every aspect of your lifestyle: Out the Door (cold and ready to go), A Couple Minutes (pre-made, but warmed to order) and Between the Grill (grilled cheese-style, done in a panini press).

First, we try the Spicy Bird ($8.85)--Delica's take on the Buffalo chicken wings we all know and love. Rosemary-roasted chicken is marinated with the one and only Frank's RedHot (our one true love), then served on an ACE bianco roll with hot peppers, shredded carrot, and blue cheese aioli. The whole thing results in one of the least boring sandwiches we've ever tasted, nicely contrasting Delica's demure atmosphere.

Left to right: Toasty Almond Tea ($2.50), Jammies ($2.85), Delica Kitchen Oreo ($1.35), Parisienne ($9)

Next up to bat is the Parisienne ($9), an ACE white baguette filled with smoked ham, Gruyere cheese, pear, dijon mustard, and garlic aioli. A little less exciting than the Spicy Bird but by no means any less delicious, it definitely achieves Devin's goal of transporting us to Paris for 15 minutes.

Although very, very tempted to try one of everything, we limited ourselves to one of their Jammies ($2.85) and Delica Kitchen Oreos ($1.35) for dessert. We're only lucky we were stuffed by this point or nothing would have stopped us from buying out the entire shop. The two desserts contrasted perfectly--the Jammies wonderfully soft, moist, and topped with strawberry jam and powdered sugar and the Oreo a perfectly baked crunchy cookie that beats out its commercialized predecessor a thousand times over.

Somehow simultaneously relaxed and aware, Delica satisfies those junkies looking for their next quick and healthy hit, with designer sandwiches, soups, salads, and baked goods. This, paired with their ode to all-natural, fresh food means we're only left asking one question: can we get Devin to move into our kitchen?

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