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In theory, Nisha Amin's idea of Bite Bar, selling bite-sized cupcakes (and other sweet confections), seems smart, until you realize that there's no way you'll be able to stop after just one of these sweet treats. The idea stemmed from the popular adage "oh, I don't want a full dessert--I'll just take a bite from yours..." and she claims that her bites are small and sweet enough to kill any cravings.

She's wrong. The bites are so tiny that it's almost too easy to justify ordering a couple dozen and downing them yourself (no shame).

The cupcakes theselves are hit and miss, with only some worth the slightly outrageous price tag of $1 each, 3 for $3.50, 12 for $10.50, 24 for $20, or in our case--6 for $5.50.

Just Bite is their signature bite, a vanilla cake stuffed with raspberry purée and topped with raspberry vodka vanilla buttercream icing. It's easy to see why this is their signature--a perfectly sweet, non-offensive flavour that's sure to please the masses. Their Strawberry Bite Cake (strawberry cake stuffed with strawberry purée and topped with a fresh vanilla buttercream and pink sugar crystals) and Bite of the Month (this month, the Blue Jays Bite, a vanilla cupcake stufed with blueberry purée and topped with blue buttercream icingfollow the same classic trend. Next up is Have a Mint!, a milk chocolate cake topped with a vanilla mint buttercream and finished with a mini chocolate chip, which tasted exactly like every other mint chocolate cake topped with vanilla mint buttercream we've ever tasted. Our least favourite was Coco Nuts, a chocolate cake topped with a fresh coconut vanilla frosting and topped with roasted coconut shavings. It wasn't necessary bad, just uninspiring, but on the complete opposite scale of the Banana Splitz. Made with a banana cake filled with strawberry puree and topped with a chocolate and caramel buttercream swirl, this cupcake was perfectly flavourful, and we'd happily order a couple dozen of these themselves.

Micro Macarons ($3.75) and a Half-Dozen Bites ($5.50)

Clearly, we were giving our sweet tooth some serious TLC, because next up were three of their Micro Macarons ($3.75). Up on the docket were Vanilla Dream (light and fluffy micro macaron filled with a classic swiss merengue buttercream), Choco Mac (chocolate macaron stuffed with a deep and silky chocolate buttercream), and the only stand-out of the bunch: Just Bite It! (classic macaron stuffed with housemade raspberry vodka buttercream--where we could surprisingly actually taste the vodka). Despite this, Bite Bar's macarons pale in comparison to their other desserts.

We lucked out with our order of the Cookie Cheesecake ($3). Ours was freshly made, a creamy cheesecake mixed together with crunchy cookie crumbs on top of a cookie crumb crust, and having just been frozen, tasted absolutely divine.

Cookie Cheesecake ($3)

It's mid 2014 and by now, Toronto's seen it's fair share of the cupcake trend. Although Amin hasn't reinvented the cupcake, Bite Bar still provides solid treats without the impending guilt. It's worth checking out, just don't expect to leave after one bite.

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