The Grind

What seemed like a hidden gem turned out to be nothing more than a bemusing pebble when we visited The Grind, tucked away underground by the Bloor/Yonge subway station.

The little café looks like it was decorated by a team of disagreeing grandmothers, resulting in a jumbled compromise of mismatched armchairs and lampshades creating a musty atmosphere. It felt like sitting in nursing home, especially because the occupants were half-dead, as was the shop owner. While potentially endearing to some, the rest of our experience quickly settled our uncertain minds.

With a couple hours to kill, we ordered a Blueberry Scone ($2.48) and a Latte ($3.99) to wash it down. The worker was nice enough and invited us to go ahead and settle down while he made our drink.

Left to right: Latte ($3.99), Blueberry Scone ($2.48)

Unfortunately, this is where everything quickly goes downhill. The scone tasted stale and reaching for the latte for relief didn't help much. The coffee was bland and mediocre at best, forcing us to leave both items unfinished.

We had some major studying to do though, so we settled in anyway with the promise of free wifi at least still in the air. Alas, this too fell through as the router wasn't working and we resorted to personal hotspots after the owner couldn't quite fix it.

The abundance of armchairs and booths might make the coffee shop a little cozier than most but it definitely does not redeem the lacklustre food and drink.

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  1. I went here recently and the owner short-changed me with attitude! My bill came to $11.42, which should've been rounded down to $11.40. He charged me $11.45 and when I questioned it, he said 'it's just 3 cents!' I should've asked for my money back and take my business elsewhere, but I didn't want to cause a scene.