Sense Appeal

Toronto's only "experimental coffee lab," Sense Appeal offers plenty of unique concoctions from their drinks to their food offerings. In a constant state of evolution, the small coffee shop is where you want to go if you're bored of typical cafe menu items.

Kashmir Chai ($4.50)

Sense Appeal only offers a lunch menu for a couple hour between 12-2 but it's worth making a scheduled trip down to grab one of their warm salads, sandwiches, or burgers. This time around, we ordered their Kashmir Chai ($4.50) and House Burger ($6.75).

The chai is unlike anything we've ever tried: a chai latte made with half-soy, half-regular milk blended with coconut shavings, saffron, pistachio, and cinnamon. We couldn't say no and we'd like to shake the hand of the genius who came up with it.

House Burger ($6.75)

The burger is grilled to your desire and we got ours medium rare, oozing meaty juices the second the cook hands the wrapper to us. It's made with 5 oz. all-natural beef, homemade pickles, spinach, tomato, ketchup, and creamy garlic aioli. Each bite gets better and messier, eventually leaving a small pool of juice that the spongy bun soaks up.

Simultaneously minimalist and chaotic, living by an almost inspiring philosophy of change, and serving damn good food and drinks while they're at it, Sense Appeal definitely appealed to all our senses.

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