Prairie Girl Bakery

Pairie Girl Bakery--like its name implies--comes from humble beginnings. Started by Jean Blacklock who left her career in law and banking in Saskatoon, and thank God too. Prairie Girl knows what they do best and they stick to it, selling only cupcakes in two sizes: regular ($3.25) and mini ($1.99).

These sizes are available in 15 flavours, with two featured treats every week (this week it was Pistachio on Vanilla and Grasshopper Pie on Chocolate). All three of their locations close at 6, but by 3 it's common to find their more popular flavours wiped out.

With such convenient locations, it's no surprise that we've treated ourselves to every single flavour, multiple times, over the last few years. Our favourites are Rebecca's Red Velvet Cupcakes with Classic Cream Cheese Icing, Strawberry Icing on Dark Cocoa CupcakePeppermint Icing topped with Peppermints on Dark Cocoa Cupcake, and their Treats of The Week are always worth checking out as well.

Prairie Girl suggests we "live life one cupcake at a time", and at ~673 calories for a regular, we suggest you stick to their minis. But even their mini cupcakes can be too much of a good thing, with their aesthetically appealing mountains of icing overwhelming any sweet tooth. 

That being said, Prairie Girl's convenience has turned cupcakes from a 'once-a-month' treat into a 'once-a-week' treat, and while your waistline might not appreciate it, their cupcakes are free of preservatives, artificial flavours, and hydrogenated and trans fats, which might help soften the blow. Paired with their penchant for donating the day's leftover cupcakes to Toronto's Second Harvest and what feels like a magnetic field pulling you in anytime you walk by, we dare you to try to resist Prairie Girl Bakery's charms.

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