Mr. Greenjeans

Almost everyone has fond memories of Mr. Greenjeans, the good ol' restaurant and bar that's been in the Eaton Centre for over 30 years. Sadly, the place has become more nostalgic than a reliable spot for good food.

Comprised of dishes that sound pretty good (in theory), you're already set up for a little bit of a disappointment. Case in point: we ordered the Crusted Fish Cakes ($12), Lamb Burger ($16), and Chicken Alfredo ($16)--can't really go wrong, right? Nope.

Crusted Fish Cakes ($12)

The fish cakes are panko breaded cod cakes served with housemade apple tartar dip and aren't so much crusted cakes as they are just an overwhelming amount of gooey fish encompassed by a thin layer of crusted bread.

Lamb Burger ($16)

The lamb burger arrived topped with Canadian feta, roasted tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki plus a side of their infamous buffalo chips. The bun was dry and stayed on the verge of falling apart throughout the meal, there was far too much feta and tzatziki, the buffalo chips were soggy from the oil, and we really couldn't even tell we were eating lamb.

Chicken Alfredo ($16)

The chicken alfredo was the safest dish we ordered, it wasn't that good really--the pasta was slightly overcooked--but was still a saving grace compared to the lamb burger. We could barely get up after attempting to finish the massive servings.

They claim that "No wonder over 15 million people have eaten at Mr. Greenjeans, the food is just that good!" but let's be real, it's not the food they've got going for them, it's just their convenient location.

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