Hollywood Gelato

It could be -40° outside and we'd still manage to justify a cold dessert--which is exactly what happened a few nights ago when we visited Hollywood Gelato, a Bayview cafe that serves pastries, gelato cakes, cafe-style drinks, and some knee-weakeningly-good gelato.

The family-run cafe develops their gelato in small batches, tests, re-formulates, and tests again until it's perfected. Through this process they've accumulated over 200 recipes in their repertoire, with 22 of their top selling flavours on display at a time.

Two smalls from left to right: Rocky Rocher & Coconut Dream Pie, Sicilian Pistachio & Skor ($3.95 each) 

There are three sizes available: small (2 flavours for $3.95), medium (3 flavours for $4.95), and large (4 flavours for $5.95). Of their 22 top selling flavours, we tried two smalls made up of Sicilian Pistachio, Rocky Rocher, Skor, and Coconut Dream Pie.

Rocky Rocher is Hollywood Gelato's most popular flavour and for good reason--it's rich and chocolatey and hazlenut-y. Skor contains actual toffee pieces and follows the same delicious trend as Rocky Rocher, as does Coconut Dream Pie--just like its name suggests, a coconut-y, dreamy concoction. Sicilian Pistachio is not the most authentically tasting pistachio gelato but nonetheless, it was sweet and light due to its lack of any nutty flavour.

Roll out the red carpet and call the Academy because Hollywood Gelato deserves an Oscar.

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  1. I love that picture!, great colours. Personally, I need the weather to be a touch warmer to venture out for gelato, but that doesn't stop the craving! I'll have to try the Rocky Rocher flavour next time, my last visit i just had the pistachio.