Amaya the Indian Room

Among the plethora of restaurants on Bayview is Amaya the Indian Room, a name known not just for their restaurants but also for their sauces and naan bread found in Canadian grocery stores. Opened in 2007, the flagship restaurant supposedly has the best food in the Amaya empire so it was the clear choice for our first venture in Indian cuisine.

The restaurant's red walls, wood furnishings, and soft music give off a very relaxing vibe as soon as you walk in, foreshadowing the kind of dining experience you're sure to have here.

Amaya Prawns ($14)

From their drink menu, we order the Virgin Mango Mojito ($6) and the Virgin Bombay Colada ($6). Both drinks garnered a pause and the phrase, "interesting" upon their first sip. They continued to grow on us though and were even better with the food. Leaving lingering aftertastes of mint/mango and coconut respectively, both were equally as refreshing.

Left to Right: Virgin Mango Mojito ($6), Virgin Bombay Colada ($6)

To start off our meal, we ordered the Amaya Prawns ($9) with the Slow Roasted Lamb Lollipops ($24) as our entrée, accompanied with a serving of Butter Naan ($3).

The prawns arrived first, smothered in green mango curry, peppers, green chilli, and fenugreek leaves. The signature dish was an absolute tease, carrying only 2 prawns but damn, they were good. Gone far too soon and long before its time, our only way to cope with the loss was to eat our feelings with the newly arrived naan bread--warm and buttery, with a soft center and crisp edges. Fortunately, they were a great comfort and really helped us move on.

Butter Naan ($3)

The lamb lollipops are another one of Amaya's signature dishes and for a reason. The lamb was seasoned to perfection and seemed to fall off the bone itself. Dipped in a plate of fenugreek and mint sauce, these bad boys had us hunting for every last shred of meat and licking our fingers afterwards.

Slow Roasted Lamb Lollipops ($24)

Amaya the Indian Room was a lovely introduction to the world of refined Indian food. Classy yet casual, formal yet relaxed--if this is what we can expect from the rest of the Amaya empire, we look forward to it all.

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  1. My girlfriends and I love your blog! They all love Indian food and were excited to try this out after reading your review. I'm normally not a fan of Indian food but I LOVED this restaurant! Keep up the great great reviews!

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