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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Dineen Coffee

In a land surprisingly devoid of independent cafés, it looks like Dineen Coffee is the coffee shop the Financial District has been looking for. From atmosphere to coffee, Dineen made sure they had everything down pat before they opened up shop last May.

Taking up residence below the historic Dineen Building, the design of the café lends itself to a perfect mix of its namesake's original architecture and modern contemporary design. Light streams in from floor-to-ceiling windows that line the shop's walls and patrons settle into a red vinyl booth shared by almost every table.

Its convenient Yonge location makes it easy to pick up our morning caffeine fix. So far, we've tried: the Cortado ($2.90), the Iced Chai Latte ($3.95), Vanilla Latte ($4), and of course, their signature Mocha ($4.25). From their food selection, we've tried the Citrus Sweet Potato Pecan Muffin ($2.55).

Left to right: Iced Chai Latte ($3.95), Cortado ($2.90)

The iced chai is up to the same standard you'd find in almost every other café but the cortado steals the show with its latte art. The drink itself is exactly the kind of kick you need in the morning and the cup is empty in seconds. We order the Citrus Sweet Potato Pecan muffin purely out of curiousity and it tastes just as different as it sounds. Among all the flavours it claims to have, the citrus is most prominent and while it wasn't amazing, we didn't really expect it to be.

Left to right: Citrus Sweet Potato Pecan Muffin ($2.55), Mocha ($4.25)

The mocha is their signature for a reason and deserves its own paragraph. Upon first sip, it's reminiscent of SOMA's Dark Side of the Mug hot chocolate, but with espresso. Made with actual chocolate ganache, the drink has delicious nutty notes and is as smooth as Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Don Jon.

Offering a unique Temperance Roast blend with chocolate and caramel notes created in association with Pig Iron Coffee's Alex Castellani, a selection of premium teas (including Roasted Almond, Spicy Chai, and Emperor's 7 Treasures), killer mochas, and a breathtaking home, Dineen is well on its way up the T.O. coffee shop ranks. 

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