The Grilled Cheese

Once upon a time, Marshall Eriksen of TV's (once actually decent) How I Met Your Mother, stumbled upon New York's best burger, only to have it haunt him for 8 years after he could no longer find it. Our story is strangely similar--we stumbled upon The Grilled Cheese a year ago and oh man, are we glad we did. It took only a fraction of the time for the rustic shop in Kensington to haunt us.

This sandwich shop doesn't fool around--you can only get grilled cheese sandwiches here--but let's be real, why would you want anything else? Simply stepping into The Grilled Cheese seems to invoke its namesake craving. All their sandwiches are served with chips and a dill pickle with the option of adding extras like avocado, bacon, or eggs for a dollar or two.

A year ago we ordered the Apple Crisp ($8) and when we once again found ourselves at 66 ½ Nassau St., it didn't take much for us to order it again. It's filed with cheddar, caramelized apples and red onions, and avocado or bacon. Again, without much hesitation, we go with the bacon.

Apple Crisp ($8)
Waiting for your sandwich feels long and excruciating, but rest assured, once it arrives, it's worth every second. Grilled to practiced perfection by the shop's "Grilled Cheese Militia," everything about the sandwich--from the paradisiacally melted cheddar cheese to the exquisitely salty market bacon, layered over lemon-and-sugar-caramelized Gala apples and red onions and served with fresh bread from Silverstein's Bakery--make for an absolutely sublime experience to the point where you worry that you'll get the sandwich pregnant.

This is no mere sandwich of Kraft Singles and Wonder Bread--this is a grilled cheese to die for.

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