At 52 Wellington you'll find Sukhothai, a Thai (duh) restaurant that, unlike most restaurants near Union Station, won't make your wallet turn its back on you.

The restaurant has an adorable backstory that explains the elephant in their logo because the owners met on an elephant ride in Northern Thailand. Nuit was terrified of the ride and her future-husband-but-then-stranger comforted her and he soon found out that damn, the girl could cook. They opened a small restaurant called the Curry Shack before moving their trade to Canada. Now we have Sukhothai, which has expanded to two locations on Wellington and Parliament.

We started with their Spring Rolls ($6) and ordered the Khao Soi ($14) as our main.

Spring Rolls ($6)

Since it was such a typical dish, we weren't expecting much from the spring rolls but we realized that was a mistake once we bit into them. Filled with glass noodles, mushrooms, carrots, and bean sprouts wrapped in a delicately fried wrapper and dipped in homemade sweet and sour, garlic sauce--these ain't your 8 for $1 spring rolls you find at your local Chinese supermarket.

Khao Soi ($14)

The Khao Soi though, phew. This beast of a dish came with yellow noodles in curry gravy with green onions, coriander, and a crispy noodle topping. You have a choice between chicken and beef, we went with the beef. This was an explosion of flavours and textures that should be proud to represent Thai cuisine. The serving was so hefty, we couldn't finish it between the both of us (although we wanted to and to be fair, we had just come from Soma).

We would definitely come back to this restaurant--we're too curious to see what an authentic pad thai would taste like and let's be real, this is as reasonable as it gets near Union.

Sukho Thai on UrbanspoonSukho Thai on Urbanspoon

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