One Hour

Just on the outskirts of Kensington Market, you'll find One Hour, a bubble tea shop that doesn't fit inside the typical bubble (ha) of its bright, upbeat kin. It's a pretty misleading name considering you're going to want to spend much more than an hour here.

The cafeteria is dimly lit, filled with low tables, and here's the kicker--your only seating options are bean bag chairs. With a combination of free wifi and it being physically impossible to get up, it's easy to lose track of time.

We order their "must-try" Banana Tea ($5.99) and a custom Hot Almond Black Tea ($4.99).

Banana Teas ($5.99)

The Banana Tea arrives in a pretty hefty mug topped with a chocolate-hazlenut pirouline and we're pleasantly surprised when we taste it (we were half-expecting that weird banana medicine flavour). It's made with fresh bananas blended with ice and green tea, and of course, tapioca.

 The Hot Almond Black Tea is just as pleasing--not too sweet and very soothing, fitting the shop's atmosphere perfectly.

Even though Chinatown is steps away and there are a billion other places to get bubble tea, One Hour manages to set itself apart with its contemporary and laid back vibe. It's the ideal place to visit if you have time to kill whether it be one hour or all day.

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