Momofuku Milk Bar

It took a while, but Momofuku Milk Bar has finally hopped over the border from their already popular New York City location and joined its compadrês up north. It's a bakery-inspired café started by Christina Tosi alongside David Chang and resides on the second story of the Momofuku complex. The café is a clear refrigerated cube featuring a small selection of their New York bestsellers (the ones they can transport, anyway). If moving to New York wasn't tempting enough before (*ahem* Chuck Bass), we have a better reason--Milk's offerings there are much more extensive: cakes, soft serve, buns, and beverages are also on the menu.

Photo courtesy of The Star

From the café's offerings of bakery items, cookbooks, Momofuku merchandise, and baking mixes we bought three cookies in Blueberry and Cream, Compost, and Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow, as well as their B'day Truffles.

Clockwise from top: B'Day Truffles, Blueberry and Cream Cookie, Compost Cookie

Our favourite by far was the Blueberry and Cream Cookie. It's soft, chewy, and perfectly flavoured--not too sweet and the blueberry and cream flavours combine beautifully.

Compost Cookie lives up to its name. It's surprisingly good considering that it's made with chocolate, butterscotch, oats, salt, coffee grounds, graham crust, potato chips, and pretzels.... and it's name. Each ingredient is present without being overwhelming or downright disgusting.

The Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookie doesn't lie either, although could probably use a snappier name. The story here is one we've heard before--how does it work? No idea, but we're not gonna question it.

Their B'Day Truffles are sweeter than a sneezing baby panda. They taste like cookie batter with sprinkles and 400 grams of sugar but may just be your cuppa tea (/choice of baked good) if you have a major sweet tooth.

Milk is the kind of place that you wish was a chain but also don't ... on one hand, it would be a dream come true to be able to pick up a Blueberry and Cream cookie whenever the craving hits (a.k.a. everyday), but on the other hand ... never mind, there isn't another hand.

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  1. Yum! I love a good compost delicious! Now, to just hop on over to Toronto for a treat!

    1. The compost cookie itself is an excuse for a trip!