Sweet Flour Bake Shop

The greatest idea you've ever had can't be as good as Kim Gans' idea for Sweet Flour Bake Shop. "There is nothing quite like a cookie just out of the oven," says her website but we disagree. Homemade, personalized cookies just out of the oven are even better.

First, you pick original, oatmeal, or peanut butter dough and then choose two included mix-ins for $2.75 (additional mix-ins at $0.25). With 24 toppings to choose from like chocolate chips, dried fruit, pretzels, nuts, potato chips, coconut, and sprinkles, the sky's the limit--the sky in this case is the 15,000 cookie combinations possible. Then comes the excruciating wait as the dough is combined and placed into their specialized oven. Two minutes later, you're clutching your customized cookie feeling like a kid again.

We could have spent hours creating personalized cookies but we decided on Potato Chips & Snickers and Dried Blueberry & Butterscotch, with both combinations in original cookie dough. The cookie dough isn't show-stopping--it's flavoured lightly with butter and vanilla and lets the toppings shine for themselves. It results in a cookie that's crisp around the edges with a soft and chewy inside.

Left to right: Dried Blueberry & Butterscotch, Potato Chips & Snickers

Our first cookie balanced sweet and salty perfectly to no surprise (shout-out to the inventor of chocolate covered potato chips). The potato chips still managed to stay crisp and the Snickers were on the verge of melting. Sweet Flour seem to have hit the sweet spot regarding their baking time because even the butterscotch in our second cookie was melting ever-so-perfectly and paired well with the blueberry.

Sweet Flour may not bake the best cookie on the block but how many places will bake whatever your heart desires?

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