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How many times a day do we dream about the perfect macaron? Well, we don't have an exact number but it's more often than males are rumoured to think about sex if that gives you any idea. The perfect macaron is hard to come by. It involves a complex and patient baking process that should result in a light meringue filled with a flavourful ganache, butter cream, or jam. 

We visited Nadège trying to stifle our high hopes but it was hard considering the chef and owner of Nadège, Nadège Nourian, is a fourth generation French pastry chef. She's worked along side MOF's in patisseries in France and in world-renowned and Michelin-starred restaurants. Showing up was like waking up Christmas morning, hoping you'll get the coolest toy on the block but being prepared to put on a brave face if you receive 21 pairs of socks. 

Nadège's Queen West location is a true, #ffffff white, both its interior and exterior, almost to the point of it being clinical, but it's the Rosedale location that has a special place in our heart (right beside its signature pastries). It's a little warmer, both in the decor and the staff. 

"Dozen" Macarons ($25)

We ordered a dozen macarons ($25) in flavours which have frankly escaped our mind, even if we try looking back to the halcyon that is the patisserie. The macarons come in their signature patterned packaging (imagine the 'did you know?' star flying across your screen as we share this fun fact--Nadège's signature square-circle-triangle pattern is an homage to their signatures: square for truffles, circle for macarons, and triangle for croissants) and the Rosedale location dahhhhling's usually sneak in a few extra macarons. 

Eating a Nadège macaron feels like destroying a piece of art. We don't mean to gush but damn, maybe we will. They're crunchy sugar shells slowly give way to the plush, marshmallow-y inside and of course their ganache. It works together like an orchestra--the perfect amount of sweetness, with a flavour that melts in your mouth. Their flavour combinations may not be as brilliant as Butter Avenue's, but Nadège has truly mastered the art of the macaron.

Nadege Patisserie on Urbanspoon Nadege Patisserie on Urbanspoon

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