Holy Chuck

If you measure how good restaurants are by how bad their food is for you, then Holy Chuck must have 5 Michelin stars. They've taken the Toronto burger scene by storm since their opening a couple years ago with a menu that seems to promote obesity--double cheeseburgers between two grilled cheese sandwiches, a cheeseburger topped with potato chips and a fried egg, a double cheeseburger between two B.L.T.s--your pant size seems to grow and your arteries seem to harden just by reading their black humour-filled menu.

Holy Chuck ($9.99)

We ordered the Holy Chuck ($9.99), their signature burger--a double cheeseburger with bacon and caramelized onions and The Big Bad Wolf ($9.99)--two patties fried in ball park mustard, topped with caramelized onions, cheese, and caramelized crispy mustard--and holy chuck were they good.

Both burgers were freshly made from high quality meat that's never been frozen. They tasted tender, juicy, chucking delicious and were probably messier than your last breakup. When you're taking your first few bites into the burger, it melts in your mouth. As you continue eating, it quickly crosses the line into calamity as you're rushing to stock up on every napkin in a 5 kilometer radius. Although it's recommended that their signature burger is consumed toppings-free in order to preserve its essence, we would have liked a pickle or something to cut the fat. That, and a stronger bun to keep it all together.

The Big Bad Wolf ($9.99)

They've taken their signature mess in stride and created the Go Chuck Yourself Challenge--finish the Go Chuck Yourself (six patties, six cheese, triple bacon, caramelized onions, all stacked between three grilled cheese sandwiches) and any specialty milkshake in under 6 minutes and receive a free t-shirt and major bragging rights. Plus, they'll pay for your meal if you beat the best time. Up for the challenge?

As disgusting as their food sounds, it's worth it. In fact, scratch what we said earlier--if you're measuring the worth of a burger by how many napkins you need to escape the experience alive, Holy Chuck skyrockets off the scale.

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