Saving Grace

While exploring Little Portugal, we happened upon Saving Grace and decided to grace them with our presence. They're known for their long, long lines and eclectic menu, featuring Asian and Indian-inspired brunch items. By the grace of god, we somehow wandered in during one of their few slower hours and were able to secure a table as soon as we walked in. It was filled with a mismatch of quirky decor--from Indian deities to old photographs to knick-knacks. The light wood and floor-to-ceiling windows gave the restaurant a sunny feel.

Coconut Pancakes with Peaches ($10.50) and Espressado Smoothie ($4)

We ordered the Coconut Pancakes with Peaches ($10.50) and the Espressado Smoothie ($4). The pancakes hit that sweet spot of being both soft and crispy, and the flavour of the toasted coconut and fresh peaches was heavenly. We were a little skeptical about the smoothie, it being a mix of espresso and avocado, but somehow it worked and was quite refreshing, to our pleasant surprise.

Is Saving Grace worth the wait? Well... yes and no. The lacklustre service makes it debatable but they do have some of the most unique breakfast items you'll ever see. All things considered, it's no wonder that people line up for their weekend breakfast and brunch well before they open.

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