Summer's Ice Cream

After waiting in line for over an hour to visit the highly coveted Magnum pop-up shop and hearing nothing but mixed reviews, we decided to follow one suggestion and make our way to Summer's Ice Cream instead, who boast Toronto's best homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt and are located just five minutes away.

Summer's is an unassuming ice cream parlour in the heart of Yorkville that's been family-run for nearly 30 years with twenty-four completely homemade ice cream flavours (plus seasonal extras) that are made fresh every day from premium ingredients.

Clockwise: Pistachio in a waffle cone ($4.95), Almond Butter Toffee in a waffle cup ($6), Coconut Cream in a waffle cone ($4.95)
The first thing you notice about Summer's is how freakin' amazing it smells. Thanks to their waffle cones, which are made fresh in-store, the small shop smells like Sunday morning breakfast--it's intoxicating. They're the perfect accompaniment to their impeccable flavours.

We were a little overwhelmed by the flavours to choose from so we went on a little sampling spree, trying Toronto Pothole (almonds, marshmallows, peanuts, chocolate chunks, road tar, gravel) and Apple Cinnamon, and their most popular flavours, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Pistachio. After much deliberation, we got the PistachioCoconut Cream, and the Almond Butter Toffee (crunchy almonds, toffee bits, English butter toffee swirl) ice creams. Ron, the son of the original owners and the current owner, confessed his preference for Almond Butter Toffee, describing it as his secret weapon as the almonds in this batch were double roasted. It's rare to find someone who knows every detail about what they produce. 

Summers' passion for quality and flavour is apparent in their product. The ice cream was the perfect consistency--smooth and creamy--and the perfect temperature as well. It goes without saying that everything we tried was delicious. 

Thank god for Summer('s). 

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