Butter Avenue

Amongst the abundance of bakeries in the city, Butter Avenue stands out as one of the best. They may not have the ideal location but they make up for it with their macarons. Apart from their ever-changing seasonal macarons (like pumpkin spice in the fall!), they also feature unique flavours year round like cream cheese passion fruit, mango, earl grey, lychee raspberry, white chocolate strawberry, caramel macchiato, and sea salt caramel (just to name... almost all of them). This is alongside their traditional flavours like matcha, lemon, raspberry, and hazelnut--all of which Butter Avenue have perfected.

The café itself is clean, white, and simple, leaving the macarons to be the center of the show. They also sell intricate tarts and cakes, breads, chocolates, and a variety of tea and espresso beverages.

Half-Dozen Macarons ($13.50)

We opted for half a dozen macarons each because how could we not? They retail for $2.25 each, $13.50 for half a dozen, and $47 for twenty (plus no tax when you buy half a dozen or more), which is a reasonable price considering how consistently good these hard-to-perfect pastries were. Each one had a slightly crunchy shell and a chewy, melt-in-your-mouth center. They weren't too sweet and featured the perfect meringue to filling ratio and (of course) the feet. Our favourites were salted caramel, matcha, and cream cheese passion fruit.

The combination of their design, packaging, and quality pastries make it worth the slight trek from St. Clair station.

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